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Next HVV Tourney May, 2021


Please call (845)564-1961 on the day of the tourney for last minute decisions concerning weather

I'll post my decision by 6 AM

Sign up from 8:00 to 8:30, Play begins at 9:00 AM



June 16-17, Memorial Park



Women's Open First - 12 teams

Svetlana Simic / Ruba C

Men's Open First - 8 teams

Kevin Goncalves / Bill Narath

Women's AA First - 8 teams

Stefanie Carrington / Katie McConville

Men's AA First - 12 teams

Daniel Gorniak / Jaroslaw Zurek

Women's A First - 5 teams

Amy Siniscalchi / Lisa Buitekant Izbicki

Women's BB First - 6 teams

Allyson Rola / Tawnie Savage

Men's BB First - 5 teams

Rick Uveges / Don Peterson

Women's Open Second

Sarah Camacho / Iris Santos

Men's Open Second

Tim Epps / Jesse Butler

Women's AA Second

Renu Gernami / Geri Pomerantz

Men's AA Second

Ken / Georg C

Women's A Second

Meghan Weber / Meredith Lummer

Women's BB Second

Priscilla & Shannon Hassan

Men's BB Second

Boris Guyarov / Michelle West


Rev Co-ed Open First - 13 teams

Zacarias Ripoll-Cid / Laurel Stucky

Rev Co-ed AA First - 16 teams

Lizzy Lin / Tony Foo

Rev Co-ed A First - 19 teams

Guillermo Melosevich / Ely Polanco

Rev Co-ed BB First - 5 teams

Dean & Clara Lombardo

Rev Co-ed Open Second

Jason Ubel / Julie McLaud

Rev Co-ed AA Second

Sara Ramos / Alex Cho

Rev Co-ed A Second

Dakota & Ramius Priuss

Rev Co-ed BB Second

Gina Torres / Rahul Verma



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