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Next HVV Tourney May, 2021


Please call (845)564-1961 on the day of the tourney for last minute decisions concerning weather

I'll post my decision by 6 AM

Sign up from 8:00 to 8:30, Play begins at 9:00 AM



June 28-29, Memorial Park



Women's Open First - 9 teams

Nancy Sadlier / Jackie Kao

Men's Open First - 7 teams

Mike / Andy

Women's AA First - 9 teams

Clarissa Wiles / Brenda Butler

Men's AA First - 15 teams

GeLucio Chesquera / Nick Liapunov

Women's A First - 10 teams

Kelly & Brooke

Women's BB First - 10 teams

Gabriella & Melyssa Amelio

Women's B First - 4 teams

Toni Blanchett / Madison Monahan

Women's Open Second

Kim Zhu / Val Langlois

Men's Open Second

Zack Ripol-Cid / Ren Osborne

Women's AA Second

Lynher Burns / Kathy Cecere

Men's AA Second

Nate Victor / Ed Decker

Women's A Second

Nicole / Simone

Women's BB Second

Brianna / Meghan

Women's B Second

Haley Sanjurjo / Inmay Weinstein



Rev Co-ed Open First - 15 teams

Ingrid Carmona / Zack Ripol-Cid

Rev Co-ed AA First - 24 teams

Ben Kardian / Lynne Principio

Rev Co-ed A First - 19 teams

Young Tran / Adrienne Gilmore

Rev Co-ed BB First - 7 teams

Scott Milholm / Christine Pincus

Rev Co-ed B First - 5 teams

Zsuzsu Glasscock / Kyle Drugan

Rev Co-ed Open Second

Ariana / Andy

Rev Co-ed AA Second

Christy Ubel / Jeremy Kempisty

Rev Co-ed A Second

Matt LaSance / Jamie Collareta

Rev Co-ed BB Second

Eric Lewis / Julia Tyles

Rev Co-ed B Second

Heidi Dippel / Dan Engelsen



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