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Next HVV Tourney May, 2021


Please call (845)564-1961 on the day of the tourney for last minute decisions concerning weather

I'll post my decision by 6 AM

Sign up from 8:00 to 8:30, Play begins at 9:00 AM



Aug 22-23,  Stefan Tatarenko Memorial Park




Women's Open First - 9 teams

Taryn Koslow / Samantha Adler

Men's Open First - 7 teams

Johnny Santana / Drew Maxwell

Men's AA First - 10 teams

John Mathew / Alosh Alex

Women's A First - 5 teams

Alana Aranjo / Tyler Singh

Men's A First - 4 teams

Alex Petrucelli / Darren Hagenbruch

Men's BB First - 8 teams

Juan Calonzo / Ray Cortez

Women's Open Second

Suzanne Riley / Brooke Enners

Men's Open Second

Justin Beaumont / Johnny Ferraro

Men's AA Second

Christian Balbutin / Kane Quispe

Women's A Second

Lia Briffa / Andrea Martorana

Men's A Second

Jeff Cruz / Cristian Moya

Men's BB Second

David Reyes / Greg Stickle


Rev Co-ed Open First - 20 teams

Matt Ng / Jamie Bredahl

Rev Co-ed AA First - 14 teams

Nitin Natarajan / Samantha Dubiel

Rec Co-ed A First - 16 teams

Alex Adelman / Emily Haber

Rev Co-ed BB First - 10 teams

Ray Cortez / Shereen Bartholomev

Rev Co-ed B First - 6 teams

Mike Brokes / Kathryn Brokes

Rev Co-ed Open Second

Johnny Santana / Taryn Koslow

Rev Co-ed AA Second

Samantha Adler / Nick Esposito

Rev Co-ed A Second

Kassi Hernandez / Omar Williams

Rev Co-ed BB Second

Rachel Campbell / Oded Bahar

Rev Co-ed B Second

Robert Warburton / Sherry Parrado



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